Rooted in the East for the World

The Institute of Philanthropy was established in September 2023 through a strategic seed grant of HK$5 billion (US$640 million) from The Hong Kong Jockey Club and its Charities Trust. Established as an independent “think-fund-do” tank for China and Asia, the IoP is dedicated to promoting philanthropic thought leadership and enhancing sector capabilities at local, regional and global levels in collaboration with fellow funders. It seeks to provide an Asia-based platform bringing global stakeholders together to promote the betterment of societies everywhere.

Our vision is to work towards the betterment of societies everywhere through impactful philanthropy.


We bridge regional and global philanthropic efforts for the greater good by building a platform that brings together thought leaders, philanthropists, and key stakeholders to learn and exchange best practices.


We scale strategic and innovative solutions to address regional and global challenges by establishing industry-wide infrastructure and standards in areas such as professional grant-making, outcome-based funding, and impact measurement.


We accelerate the professionalisation of the philanthropic sector through joint publications and case studies to consolidate and disseminate knowledge, as well as co-create and co-fund projects.

Our mission is to bridge global philanthropy, scale innovative solutions, and professionalise the sector for positive impact.


Connecting and Convening

We build a platform that brings thought leaders, philanthropists, and key stakeholders together to learn and exchange philanthropic best practices.

Synthesising and Sharing

We consolidate and share impact and philanthropic best practices from fellow foundations and other institutions through various means, such as joint publications, case studies, as well as co-created and co-funded projects and programmes.

Building Professional Capacities

We develop programmes to enhance the skills and capacities of professionals in the philanthropic and non-profit sectors. We are also working on strengthening the philanthropic industry in Hong Kong and other Greater Bay Area cities.

Commissioning and Supporting Research

We collaborate with leading tertiary institutions, think tanks, and philanthropic stakeholders to conduct and commission research revolving around upcoming issues and subjects pertinent to the sector.